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Facebook has been known as one of largest social media sites which has billions of monthly active users. Nowadays people tend to advertise using facebook on groups, fanpages, viral posting, their own wall, and facebook ads.

SocioSparta has been developed to meet your marketing needs. You can research some data, manage your accounts, automate your posting or other jobs, and even boost virality of your post on facebook.

If you ever wondering how to get more people for promoting your product, now you can find it in minutes using SocioSparta. You can find any people in facebook that meets your requirements.

You can search for groups, fanpages, people, latest post, viral post, etc. Grab likers, commenters, sharers from some post, get members from group, likers from fanpage, groups with some interest, people living in particular city, and many more that you can't imagine.

Once you find people within your requirements, you may need to know their email and phone numbers if they have put it on facebook. You just need to add them as your friends and it will be shown inside SocioSparta. You can also export it to excel if you want to save it for later use.

SocioSparta Key Features

Windows Application

Run exclusively on windows only (XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10). Other OS not supported and VPS is recommended.

Single dashboard

All features are designed and integrated into single dashboard. Never go anywhere to manage all your needs.

Fast and Lightweight

Run efficiently and optimized for speed. Application has been tested for months and stable with very minor unseen bugs.

Advanced Posting Tools

Send any post / comment using multiple accounts to your desired targets. You can post link, image, video, spintax, etc.

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Meet The Real Automation

Complete set-and-forget automation for scheduled posting, adding friend request, and joining groups.

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Powerful Virality Booster

Boost any target post with likes, shares, comments, or tags from all of your accounts running simultaneously.

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Awesome Grid System

Almost all data will be represented in excel-like grid. You can sort, filter, or find it based on their columns.

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Continuous Action

Many actions are related and designed to run continously, e.g : find any fanpage get its post get likers add as friend.

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Single Browser, All Profiles

You can use powerful built in browser to change account / profile anytime with simple clicks without logging in/out.

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Facebook Graph Search

Refine your search condition with advanced search provided by facebook newest graph search method.

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Multi Account Management

Manage many accounts with ease. Supports for unlimited accounts (even hundreds tested and working nicely).

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Well Documented

Comprehensive and detailed documentation with screenshot in every feature that is explained.

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Using Facebook Ads? Finding Ads Interests Or Audiences?

Whenever you advertise on Facebook, you need to target audiences based on some interests. We've made it easier for your research and you can get them just in minutes. Learn more

Sometimes you might need to target custom audiences based on user with email address or phone number. Search for your targeted users and get it from them. Learn more

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